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  • What is different about the Sobi solution?


    The Sobi solution has been built as a direct result of the experiences of the Founder, Brenda Jordan, in her role of owner of an Outsourced CFO organization based in Dublin. During her 20+ years in this role, supporting small to medium-sized businesses in their growth plans, she relied heavily on excel to gather and analyze a business's performance data in order to give guidance to them on the strategic steps they needed to take. The power of this performance data became painfully evident during the 2008 global recession, from which 99% of Brenda's clients survived, albeit many looking very different, but all ready to grow again.


    Around this time, Brenda looked to the market for an automated solution for her and her clients, but there were none suitable. So, she decided to build her own... and so began a long journey that led her to set up Sobi Analytics in 2021.


    Through her own experience, and the feedback she has gathered from CFOs, finance professionals and their clients across Ireland, UK, and North America over the years, Brenda and her team realized that an exceptional solution would encompass all the users in the 'organization triangle', using machine learning to add a real richness and depth to data insights. And so that is what they have built.


    Meet Sobi! A Strategic Optimized Business Intelligence solution.

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    What does Sobi offer the CFO Organization?

    • A centralized location for the entire group

    • Access to all members contact details

    • Visibility into CFO members & their client companies

    • Shared 'live' industry benchmarking data

    • Shared expertise across the group

    • Competitive advantage​

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    What does Sobi offer the CFO?

    • 75% cost savings by automating error-prone & timely processes

    • Access to invaluable analytics and industry sector benchmarking data to assist in growing client companies

    • The opportunity to develop additional revenue streams with their client base (eg. Growth Advisory)

    • Opportunity to WOW client base!

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    What does Sobi offer the client company?

    • Greater value for their money! - with less time spent on manipulating spreadsheets, their CFO can spend more time helping the management team to grow the business!

    • Access to timely strategic advice, from both their CFO & Sobi Alerts

    • Greater confidence in their CFO and their ability to help them to develop and scale their company effectively and efficiently

    Speedy, data-driven decisions are fundamental to business growth. Going way beyond basic data analytics and delivering insights in real-time, Sobi uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver both predictive and prescriptive analytics.


    Also included, is researched benchmarking data for a number of selected industry sectors; sharing 'live' benchmarking from client aggregated data, once sector data volume has been achieved.


    Focused on delivering value to every business, in every sector, Sobi delivers key performance indicators from across the business, irrespective of sector. Initial selected industry sectors, in response to demand are:


    Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, SaaS, Marketing and Event Management.


    Many more are expected to be added over time.

    Supercharge business growth with Sobi's AI Powered Platform.

    Sobi Analytics - sectors - specific metrics

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    Reluctant to move from familiar spreadsheets?

    Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    Currently, 90% of financial advisors use spreadsheets to gather, analyze and report on data to help their clients make important decisions about their businesses.


    This leads to;

    • Time-consuming repetitive tasks (typically spending 4-6 hours per client, per month on this work)
    • Inefficient processes that are very costly and limit scalability
    • High risk of undetected human error
    • Missed opportunities for the client as a result of delays in performance visibility


  • ''The ease of onboarding to SOBI, plus the speed of access to valuable, easy to understand insights, make the move to automate this tiresome process a no-brainer'' - Joseph Clarke, CFO, Austin, Texas, USA

  • Why Choose SOBI?

    Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics

    SOBI is the first ERP Solution for the mid-market

    • Integrates seamlessly with Excel, QuickBooks and Xero

    • Gathers cross-business transactional data

    • Delivers trend analysis and real-time insights across each department

    • Reports on cross-business trend analysis (financial and non-financial), delivering insights into co-relationships between business activities & their impact on results

    • Delivers powerful industry benchmarking (sector/segment)

    • Delivers valuable insights for strategic decision-making



  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine

    The Benefits of Using SOBI

    Improved efficiencies

    Automation of data collection & analysis = 80% reduction in business processing time in comparison with manual spreadsheet usage.


    Reduced human error & data corruption risk

    Automated analysis and reporting reduces potential of human error by 75%. It also reduces the risk of undetected errors impacting decision-making.


    Real-time results

    Real-time insights into performance results from right across the business increases the chances of business success, simply by deepening the understanding of how each impacts the bottom line.


    Improved competitiveness

    The ability to monitor and benchmark a business's performance against the best competitors in its market, undoubtedly gives a competitive edge.

  • Using insightful outputs from our innovative analytics solutions, CFOs & finance professionals are offering more valuable services, such as strategy and growth advisory, to their clients.



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