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    Reluctant to move from familiar spreadsheets?

    Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    Currently, 90% of financial advisors use spreadsheets to gather, analyze and report on data to help their clients make important decisions about their businesses.


    This leads to;

    • Time-consuming repetitive tasks (typically spending 4-6 hours per client, per month on this work)
    • Inefficient processes that are very costly and limit scalability
    • High risk of undetected human error
    • Missed opportunities for the client as a result of delays in performance visibility


  • Why Choose SOBI?

    Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics

    SOBI : Because each business is unique, with unique needs!

    • Integrates seamlessly with Excel, QuickBooks and Xero to gather transactional data, which is then analyzed and trended, with outliers easily identified.
    • Gathers sales & marketing and headcount data from CRM and Payroll solutions, to enable deeper insights into the influencing activities to overall performance results.
    • Allows customization of KPIs to power customer-centric metrics, targets and insights
    • Uses AI to drive automated predictive planning and analysis (PnL, Cashflow & Balance sheet) for up to 3 years ahead
    • Allows easy, but powerful, scenario building
    • Delivers powerful industry benchmarking data to drive competitive advantage
    • Delivers valuable, easy to understand, insights for strategic decision-making.



  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine

    The Benefits of Using SOBI

    Improved efficiencies

    Automation of data collection & analysis = 80% reduction in business processing time in comparison with manual spreadsheet usage.

    Reduced human error & data corruption risk

    Automated analysis and reporting reduces potential of human error by 75%. It also reduces the risk of undetected errors impacting decision-making.

    Real-time results

    Real-time insights into performance results from right across the business increases the chances of business success, simply by deepening the understanding of how each impacts the bottom line.

    Improved competitiveness

    The ability to monitor and benchmark a business's performance against the best competitors in its market, undoubtedly gives a competitive edge.

  • ''The ease of onboarding to SOBI, plus the speed of access to valuable, easy to understand insights, make the move to automate this tiresome process a no-brainer'' - Jason Cooke, CFO, Austin, Texas, USA

  • Using insightful outputs from our innovative analytics solutions, CFOs & finance professionals are offering more valuable services, such as strategy and growth advisory, to their clients.



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