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    Reluctant to move from familiar spreadsheets?

    Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    Currently, 90% of financial advisors use spreadsheets to gather, analyze and report on data to help their clients make important decisions about their businesses.


    We understand this!.


    Although SOBI is built to automate data analysis and trending, benchmarking and business forecast processes, we know that many accountants prefer to stick with their spreadsheets, but still need the insights that are available from an automated system.


    Talk to us! We understand that one size does not fit all.




  • Why Choose SOBI?

    Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics

    SOBI : Because each business is unique, with unique needs!

    • Integrates seamlessly with Excel, QuickBooks, Sage and Xero to gather transactional data, which is then analyzed and trended, with outliers easily identified.
    • Gathers sales & marketing and headcount data from CRM and Payroll solutions, to enable deeper insights into the influencing activities to overall performance results.
    • Allows customization of KPIs to power customer-centric metrics, targets and insights
    • Uses AI to drive automated predictive planning and analysis (PnL, Cashflow & Balance sheet) for up to 3 years ahead
    • Allows easy, but powerful, scenario building
    • Delivers powerful industry benchmarking data to drive competitive advantage
    • Delivers valuable, easy to understand, insights for strategic decision-making.



  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine




    Client Advisory Services (CAS) is a term used to describe the delivery of transactional and strategic advice to business owners, with a focus on helping them to grow.


    Currently undergoing a huge surge in demand from business owners, as its value becomes better appreciated, Accountants are now finding themselves under pressure to deliver this service, which, until now, neccessitated the analysis of huge amounts of data in excel.


    SOBI now automates the collection, analysis, trending, forecasting and benchmarking of all this data. In one central location. Real time. Delivering an 80% reduction in business processing time in comparison with manual spreadsheet usage.


    But it's what we do with the data after we have processed it, is when the real magic happens.


    Contact us to receive a sample Performance Report, and then imagine that it referred to your business!




  • ''The ease of onboarding to SOBI, plus the speed of access to valuable, easy to understand insights, make the move to automate this tiresome process a no-brainer'' - Jason Cooke, CFO, Austin, Texas, USA



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