• The SOBI 'no-code' Business Insights platform:

    Complex processes simplified


    Reluctant to move from familiar spreadsheets?

    Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    Currently, 90% of financial advisors use spreadsheets to gather, analyze and report on data to help their clients make important decisions about their businesses.


    We understand this!.


    Although SOBI is built to automate data analysis and trending, benchmarking and business forecast processes, we know that many accountants prefer to stick with their spreadsheets, but still need the insights that are available from an automated system.


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  • Why Choose SOBI?

    Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics

    SOBI : Because each business is unique, with unique needs!

    • Integrates seamlessly with Excel, QuickBooks, Sage and Xero to gather transactional data, which is then analyzed and trended, with outliers easily identified.
    • Gathers sales & marketing and headcount data from CRM and Payroll solutions, to enable deeper insights into the influencing activities to overall performance results.
    • Allows customization of KPIs to power customer-centric metrics, targets and insights
    • Uses AI to drive automated predictive planning and analysis (PnL, Cashflow & Balance sheet) for up to 3 years ahead
    • Allows easy, but powerful, scenario building
    • Delivers powerful industry benchmarking data to drive competitive advantage
    • Delivers valuable, easy to understand, insights for strategic decision-making.



  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine

    The Benefits of Using SOBI

    Improved efficiencies

    Automation of data collection & analysis = 80% reduction in business processing time in comparison with manual spreadsheet usage.

    Reduced human error & data corruption risk

    Automated analysis and reporting reduces potential of human error by 75%. It also reduces the risk of undetected errors impacting decision-making.

    Real-time results

    Real-time insights into performance results from right across the business increases the chances of business success, simply by deepening the understanding of how each impacts the bottom line.

    Improved competitiveness

    The ability to monitor and benchmark a business's performance against the best competitors in its market, undoubtedly gives a competitive edge.

  • ''The ease of onboarding to SOBI, plus the speed of access to valuable, easy to understand insights, make the move to automate this tiresome process a no-brainer'' - Jason Cooke, CFO, Austin, Texas, USA

  • Using insightful outputs from our innovative analytics solutions, CFOs & finance professionals are offering more valuable services, such as strategy and growth advisory, to their clients.



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  • "We offer the opportunity to CFOs and Finance Professionals to deliver more valuable services to clients, such as strategy & growth advisory, using insightful outputs from our innovative BI Solution."

    Brenda Jordan, Founder & CEO, Sobi Analytics

  • Sobi


  • Sobi Analytics - integrations





    Time for instant access to all the information you need to make strategic business decisions?

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  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine

    SOBI Analytics Engine

    - Gathers Data

    - Cleans and Sorts It

    - Analyzes and Formats It

    - Applies Business and Sector Metrics

    - Applies Machine Learning

    - Produces Results in Real-time


    Why should Finance Professionals give RPA serious consideration?

    Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    90% are still using spreadsheets to gather, analyze and report on data to help their clients to make important decisions about their businesses. 


    This leads to;

    • Waste of time (typically spending 4-6 hours per client, per month on this work)
    • Inefficient processes resulting in time and effort wastage
    • High risk of undetected human error
    • Missed opportunities as a result of delays in performance visibility



    If y


  • - How Sobi Analytics Works​

    Sobi Analytics - Inputs - business data

    Centralized Data Vault

    (For CFO Organization)

    Within this vault, the Organization administrator sets up details of their member CFOs, giving them access to the platform to onboard their portfolio clients. Each client company is tagged to an industry sector, so visibility can be shared of 'live; benchmarking data, once appropriate levels of data sets are available. Knowledge and expertise sharing will also soon be available on the platform.

    Sobi Analytics - Inputs - business data


    The CFO User

    The CFO can now onboard their portfolio clients to commence analytic automation of their data. SOBI integrates with the clients' data sets (accounts, crm, excel, payroll, sector specific software), to extract data required to deliver the desired analytic report outputs. Access to sector benchmarking data will be automatically available once appropriate levels of relevant sector data sets are available to share.

    Sobi Analytics - Inputs - business data

    The Client company

    Once the CFO has onboarded a client company to Sobi, the management team can now access the full suite of reports now available.   An alert system will alert the team to areas of the business requiring attention (alerts pre-set by CFO), ensuring timely intervention when necessary. 

  • Growth Insights

    Harnessing AI to deliver real-time Alerts & Insights to your business

    Sobi Analytics - Growth Insights and Metrics

    What you can expect:



    ✔️A clear picture of what's impacting your business outcomes by consolidating metrics from across the business (marketing, sales, revenue, finance, product, headcount, sector specific software and operations).


    ✔️Ability to forecast and optimize the most effective business model in real-time using predictive analytics (AI) to monitor performance metrics across the entire business.


    ✔️Measure performance against company or industry benchmarks, to attain competitive advantage.


    ✔️Quickly identify the exact location within the business that is requiring attention by co-relating and dynamically reporting on a wide range of business (health check) metrics.


    ✔️Get access to cross-business analytics. Utilizing the power of AI (machine learning), you gain a deeper understanding of the cause and effect of actions across the business and their impact on your growth trajectory.


    ✔️ Ask questions of your data and get easy-to-understand answers that are directed at both answering your questions and providing intelligent next steps to take (aka prescriptive analytics).


    ✔️Understand your cashflow, know your run rate, and be aware of when you need to talk to investors or bank managers (or reduce costs


    ✔️Receive daily alerts about the lagging and leading indicators in your business, that tell you exactly which area of your business is under (or over) performing. Know exactly where to put your attention to get the greatest impact.

  • Becoming a world leading SaaS business means systematically using data to make business decisions, every single day. We are here to help business owners and their advisors to make sense of crucial data and to enable extraction of real value from it.

    Our clients capitalize on the huge amounts of customer and business data they hold.



    "It's all about helping SaaS businesses to scale and grow

    really, really fast."

    Brenda Jordan, CEO & Founder