• Sobi Analytics - Strategic Optimized Business Intelligence

    Strategic & Operational 

    Business Insights


    It has been proven that having access to relevant, actionable, real-time insights to support decision making, dramatically increases the odds of a business's chances of success!.


    SOBI is an AI driven platform, built specifically with CAS (Client Advisory Services) practitioners in mind.


    We recognize that technology alone is not the answer. But Technology + Professional advisors is a powerful combination



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  • SOBI: Uncovering the Nuggets of valuable information hidden within your data pile


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    SOBI specializes in identifying the key drivers in a business, by analyzing financial and non-financial performance indicators, delivering easy-to-interpret insights into the health of all areas of the business.


    Utilizing AI technology to interpret the behaviors and trends within the business, allows SOBI to deliver rolling budget and cashflow plans, together with invaluable scenario or business model building.


    Application of Industry sector, and segment benchmarking keeps a focus on competitive analysis.






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  • Sobi Analytics - Artificial Intelligence powered engine


    Experience the speed and ease of SOBI's no-code Business Insights platform

    As business owners and advisors, the focus must be on identifying the strong and weak areas within a business, through regularly monitored KPIs (Key performance indicators), thus allowing appropriate, timely action to be taken to reduce inefficiencies and improve margins.


    SOBI automates this process, delivering real-time access to KPIs and business insights, from right across the business


    Would access to this information help you in your day-to-day decision making?






  • Integrations

    SOBI integrates with Excel, Xero and QuickBooks

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  • Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics


    'Hello' to the insights you need, when you need them!



    Get instant access to invaluable cross-business performance and benchmarking data, updated in real-time.


    Experience the power of AI with accurate visibility into expected future results, allowing you to change behaviours today to impact your bottom line tomorrow.

  • Sobi Analytics - Outputs - reports and metrics

    Take the guesswork out of financial data tracking


    • Centralized Data Vault - valuable insights are stored and shared in one secure place
    • Connect data from Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, Xero and Sage
    • Collect, sort, integrate and analyze data to facilitate actionable insights for business growth
    • Simplify and leverage complex data to detect trends and data relations essential for strategic decision-making