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    SOBI Lite

    $49 monthly

    7 Day Free Trial

    Centralized Business Insights Platform


    Financial Insights

    Financial Performance

    Budget Reporting

    Cashflow Reports


    Revenue Metrics

    Revenue Recognition and Trends


    Customer Metrics 

    (including CAC & Churn)


    Operation Cost Analysis


    Performance Dashboard

    Cross-Business Trends & Analysis

    Key Performance Indicators


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    SOBI Professional

    Buy all the Modules in SOBI Professional,


    just the ones you need!

    Price available on request

    SOBI Lite plus:


    Sales & Marketing

    Sales Pipeline Performance

    Marketing Effectiveness



    Industry Sector / Segment Benchmarking


    Budget & Cashflow Planning

    Predictive business & cashflow planning (using AI)

    Business Scenario Building


    Headcount Metrics

    Headcount costs per department

    Headcount numbers per department


    Performance Dashboard Customization

    Financial / sales / marketing / headcount / operations / benchmarking


    Customizable Reporting Templates

    Customer performance reporting

    Board of Management reports

    Investor reports

    Banking reports

    and more..


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  • Hear what our clients say

    "SOBI is the glue between data entry and delivery of strategic insights."

    CFO of Silicon Valley based Software Company

    "Preparing and reporting to investors using Sobi made what was a time-consuming spreadsheet process, a really straightforward task."

    CFO of Technical Company

    "This is clearly essential to the CFO sector. We have tried many tools in the past, and no-one has gotten it right yet. It needs to be built by a CFO who understands the space. Lets work together!"

    CEO of Global Outsourced CFO Organization

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  • SOBI Plans and Pricing


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    SOBI Business

    $4,000 p.a

    Centralized Data Vault


    Financial Insights

    Financial Performance

    Budget Reporting

    Cashflow Reporting


    Revenue Metrics

    Revenue Recognition

    and Trends


    Customer Metrics


    Operation Cost Analysis


    Cross-Business Trends and Analysis


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    SOBI Strategic

    $8,000 p.a

    Business Plan plus:


    Automation of Analytic Processes


    Industry Sector/Segment Benchmarking


    Headcount Metrics


    Sales Pipeline Performance


    Marketing Effectiveness







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    SOBI Intelligence

    $16,000 p.a

    Strategic Plan plus:


    AI Powered Analytics


    Projected Business Planning


    Performance Scenario Building


    Projected Revenue Trends


    Advanced Trends and Analysis


    Report Templates (Investor Board)


    Projected Headcount Requirement (AI)


    Projected Sales Performance (AI)

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    SOBI Optimized

    $25,000 p.a

    Intelligence Plan plus:


    Optimized AI Powered Analytics


    Prescriptive Analytics

    and Insights


    Advanced Cross-Business Insights


    Advanced Customer Metrics


    Operation Cost Metrics



    Advanced Industry Benchmarking (AI)


    Sector Specific Metrics

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