• Business Insights made Simple!

    If you work with one company or with many, SOBI is the complete solution for you!

  • SOBI Lite

    $49 monthly

    14 Day Free Trial

    Centralized Business Insights Platform


    Financial Insights

    Financial Performance

    Budget Reporting

    Cashflow Reports


    Revenue Metrics

    Revenue Recognition and Trends


    Customer Metrics

    (including CAC & Churn)


    Operation Cost Analysis


    Performance Dashboard

    Cross-Business Trends & Analysis

    Key Performance Indicators


    SOBI Professional

    Price available on request

    SOBI Lite plus:


    Sales & Marketing

    Sales Pipeline Performance

    Marketing Effectiveness



    Industry Sector / Segment Benchmarking


    Budget & Cashflow Planning

    Predictive business & cashflow planning (using AI)

    Business Scenario Building


    Headcount Metrics

    Headcount costs per department

    Headcount numbers per department


    Performance Dashboard Customization
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