• What is different about the Sobi solution?


    The Sobi solution has been built as

    Meet Sobi! A Strategic Optimized Business Intelligence solution.

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    What does SOBi offer the client company?

    • Greater value

    • Access to timely strategic advice

    • Greater confidence and the ability to

    Speedy, data-driven decisions are fundamental to business growth. Going way beyond basic data analytics and delivering insights in real-time, Sobi uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver both predictive and prescriptive analytics.


    Also included, is researched benchmarking data for a number of selected industry sectors; sharing 'live' benchmarking from client aggregated data, once sector data volume has been achieved.


    Focused on delivering value to every business, in every sector, SOBI delivers key performance indicators from across the business, irrespective of sector. Initial selected industry sectors, in response to demand are:


    Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, SaaS, Marketing and Event Management.


    Many more are expected to be added over time.

    Supercharge business growth with Sobi's AI Powered Platform.

    Sobi Analytics - sectors - specific metrics

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  • "Getting immediate access to cross-business metrics, to drive strategic and timely decision making, undoubtedly delivers a significant competitive edge to the user."