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    with one reporting entity or many!

    If you offer advice to 1 company or to 1,000s, the SOBI solution is for you.

  • Sobi Analytics Growth insights, KPIs

    Centralized Data Vault

    Price on Request


    • Centralized location for all CFO members
    • Centralized location for all portfolio client companies
    • Location for Expertise and Knowledge share amongst members
    • Access to 'Live' industry sector benchmarking data




    Sobi Analytics Growth insights, KPIs

    SOBI Professional

    from €4,000

    per annum / per client company


    Automation of analytic processes:

    • Revenue recognition
    • Business Planning
    • Cashflow Planning
    • Cost Management
    • Sales & Marketing insights
    • Customer analysis
    • Headcount / cost management
    • Product performance
    • Financial performance



    • Cross Business Trend analysis
    • Performance Indicators
    • Bespoke reports
    • Sector Benchmarking reporting


    Sobi Analytics Growth insights, KPIs

    SOBI Advanced

    from €12,500

    per annum / per client company


    Additional analytic functionality:


    Predictive Insights (powered by AI / machine learning):

    Sales Planning
    Cashflow Planning
    Business Planning
    Headcount Planning

    Scenario Building ('what if' scenarios)


    Prescriptive Insights: Understand what is influencing performance results & how to fix them.


    Data Cleansing Solution


    Additional Reporting Functionality:


    'Live' Sector Benchmarking analysis


    Deep Segmented Benchmarking analysis

  • Hear what our customers say

    "Sobi Professional'' is the glue between data entry and delivery of strategic insights."

    CFO of Silicon Valley based software company

    "Preparing and reporting to investors using Sobi Professional made what was a time-consuming spreadsheet process, into a really straight forward task."

    CFO of Technical company

    "This is clearly essential to the CFO sector.. we have tried many tools in the past, and no-one has gotten it right yet. It needs to be built by a CFO who understands the space. Lets work together"

    CEO of Global Outsourced CFO Organization

  • TALK TO US if you are either a CFO Organization or an individual CFO with one or many client companies!

    Sobi Analytics

    One Size doesn't fit all!

    Our platform is built to house many CFOs with many associated client companies, but we recognize that there are many individual CFO practices that would quickly see value in using the Sobi solution with their client bases, big or small!


    Talk to us about your specific requirements. Are there specific sectors you work with that you think would see real value from having their analytic processes automated or from having access to real-time insights and benchmarking data?


    If so, we would love to talk to you.